Partnering with strong businesses that make us better.

Our approach is to take care of people, keep things simple and make your goals our goals.

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Why do companies choose to work with us?

As the nation’s largest aftermarket parts supplier and network of independent service centers, we equip our partners to take customer service to the next level and provide opportunities and benefits for employees that would not be available otherwise.

Partners are given an unprecedented level of confidence and clarity in what is often one of the biggest decisions of their lives. From the start, we work with candidates to understand their priorities and develop terms and a transition plan that meet their individual needs.

Next, our dedicated acquisition and integration team develops structured timelines and milestones to maximize efficiency and provide full transparency every step of the way.

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As an owner, what does the process look like for you?

Our simple approach can be summed up in five easy steps —

Step 1 — Getting to know each other
The decision to sell a business is often one of the biggest and most confidential decisions of an owner's life. We would value the opportunity to connect confidentially and help you make the best decision for you, your people and your customers. Fill out this simple form and we will contact you to schedule a confidential 30-minute introductory conversation.
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Step 2 — Information sharing
After we get to know each other and determine a joint interest in progressing the conversation, we will ask to begin sharing information. Prior to sharing anything sensitive, we will both sign a non-disclosure agreement and vow to protect all information as if it were our own. Next, our M&A team will work with you to determine what information is needed to help us learn about your business.
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Step 3 — Business valuation
Once we have collected the necessary information, we will work with you to develop a valuation and deal structure. Our M&A team specializes in business valuation and is happy to discuss the factors that are considered when valuing your business.
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Step 4 — Transition plan
Your goals are important to us. Whether you are actively involved in managing the business today, have taken a more passive role, are looking to remain involved or wish to step away, we will work together to develop a plan that helps you and your team be successful.
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Step 5 — Join the team
We agreed to become partners because we both believed our respective businesses would be better together. Now it is time to start the next chapter by carrying on with what has made your business successful and utilizing the new resources you have at your disposal.
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