Fleetpride Nationwide Warranty Program

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Products purchased from a FleetPride Branch, or products purchased from a FleetPride Branch and installed by a FleetCare Truck Service Center, will be replaced in accordance with the specific vendor’s existing product replacement warranty program at any of the FleetPride Branches and affiliated FleetCare Truck Service Centers nationwide.

Any implied warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose shall not extend beyond the manufacturers stated expressed warranty and in no event shall FleetPride, FleetCare or any of its agents or subsidiaries be responsible for incidental or consequential damages.

Manufacturer Product Replacement Warranty

Product Warranty Information/Location

Most manufacturers publish product warranty information in their catalogs. If you do not have a current catalog, request one from your vendor representative, FleetCare or FleetPride Branch.

You can also obtain warranty information for many key product vendors by visiting the FleetPride website under the Brands & Vendors page or contacting the vendor directly.

FleetPride-Remanufactured Products
FleetPride remanufactures a number of product lines under various branded and unbranded names as follows:

Brand(s) Category Warranty
OTR / Assorted Brands Relined Brake Shoes * Limited 12 month, unlimited mileage*
Torque Technology/Unbranded Transmissions 12 month, unlimited mileage
Torque Technology/Unbranded Differentials 12 month, unlimited mileage
Torque Technology/Unbranded Drive Shafts 12 month, unlimited mileage
Vantage Power/Unbranded Hydraulic Assemblies
(including PTO) 12 month, unlimited mileage
Torque Technology/Unbranded Clutch Assemblies 12 month, unlimited mileage
*Friction materials are limited to reasonable life of the lining material and by certain severe duty applications, including but not limited to: P&D, Construction, Off-Road, Concrete Mixers and Refuse.

FleetPride Is the Exclusive Distributor for a Number of Nationally Distributed Brands

The following brands are distributed exclusively by FleetPride and are subject to the same FleetPride warranty policy as other more widely distributed products previously described.

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Brand(s) Category Warranty
PrimaTronics Lighting, Mirrors and Safety Products 12 month, unlimited mileage
PimaTronics Premium LED 36 month, unlimited mileage
Prima Brake Components Air Brake Components 12 month, unlimited mileage except as follows: AV065225 and AV955205 Air Dryers:24 month unlimited mileage
OTR Air Brake Components 12 month, unlimited mileage

FleetPride Product Warranty Policy

FleetPride, at its option, will replace or issue a credit at a price not to exceed the purchase price paid of any unit determined to be defective due to material or workmanship. Authorized FleetPride Representatives will perform said determination. Parameters of determination will include but are not be limited to, limitations with respect to specified time and/or mileage limitations and installation and maintenance in accordance with accepted industry practice.

This Warranty Policy will not apply if, in the judgment of FleetPride the unit(s) or part(s) thereof have been subject to damage by accident, fire, misuse, or negligence, repair or alterations by anyone other than FleetPride or its authorized representatives. Any defect should be brought immediately to the attention of the original purchaser and the unit(s) or part(s) thereof claimed to be defective shall be returned to FleetPride. The liability under this Warranty Policy shall not exceed the purchase price paid.

FleetPride reserves the right to make changes in the design of, additions to, or improvements in its products without incurring any obligation to modify or make similar changes on products previously manufactured or sold. FleetPride does not authorize any other company or person to assume, on behalf of FleetPride, any warranty or other liability or obligation with respect to FleetPride products.

This warranty policy does not cover failure of a product due to a defect in the design, plans or specifications of such product where such design, plans or specifications were supplied to FleetPride by Buyer or by another person on Buyer’s behalf.

This Warranty Policy does not cover claims for products where failure is caused by a lack of servicing or maintenance of the product.

FleetPride is not responsible for, and accepts no liability for, expenses incurred due to “down time”, cargo damage or any other business costs or losses resulting from the failure of or the use of FleetPride products.

This warranty does not cover products that are mis-installed or where misapplication is diagnosed.

FleetPride is not responsible for claims that are not submitted to FleetPride within thirty (30) days from the alleged failure date.


FleetPride Nationwide Warranty Requirements:

  • The original part was purchased from a FleetPride Location or a recognized FleetCare Affiliate.
  • The customer has a copy of the original proof of purchase.
  • The part failure occurs within the manufacturer’s stated warranty period

FleetPride Terms and Conditions

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